Geriatric Foot Care

Geriatric Foot Care services offered in Louisville, Leitchfield, Elizabethtown and Shepherdsville, KY and Clarksville, Corydon and Jeffersonville, IN

Geriatric Foot Care

Age-related changes in your feet and ankles can greatly increase your risk for chronic pain, loss of function, and disability. At Louisville Foot and Ankle Specialists, geriatric foot care services are available for older adults. With offices in Louisville, Fern Creek, Leitchfield, Jeffersonville, Elizabethtown, and Shepherdsville, Kentucky, the experienced medical team provides accessible podiatry treatments and preventive care for stress fractures, diabetic foot ulcers, and other geriatric foot conditions. Call the nearest Louisville Foot and Ankle Specialists office today or book an appointment online.

What is geriatric foot care?

Geriatric foot care involves podiatric services that address the unique foot and ankle challenges people face as they age.

After many years of wearing unsupportive shoes and being physically active, your feet and ankles can grow weak and become more susceptible to injury. You might also be at risk for infections, diabetic foot damage, and other complications if you’re not able to take care of your feet and ankles properly.

Louisville Foot and Ankle Specialists offer a variety of geriatric foot care services to meet the changing needs of older people.

The podiatry team offers diagnostic testing and treatment services for a range of conditions. They also specialize in preventive care to lower your risk factors for long-term foot and ankle complications.

What are the benefits of geriatric foot care?

The preventive care available at Louisville Foot and Ankle Specialists can reduce your risk for ongoing medical issues that lead to chronic pain and the loss of mobility.

If you already have foot or ankle issues, the team works closely with you on a care plan to minimize your symptoms and preserve the function of your feet or ankles.

Other benefits of geriatric foot care include:

  • Reduced fall risk
  • Ingrown toenail prevention
  • Orthotics for enhanced foot and ankle protection
  • Protection against foot ulcers and other diabetic complications

The team can also provide the guidance you and your caregivers need to care for your ankles and feet.

What can I expect at my first geriatric foot care appointment?

During your initial geriatric foot care appointment at Louisville Foot and Ankle, you can expect the podiatry team to review your personal and family medical history. This helps them identify potential risk factors for diseases and disorders of the feet and ankles.

The providers also discuss your current symptoms and perform a comprehensive physical exam of your ankle joint, feet, and toes. They look for cuts, calluses, swelling, and other issues that require medical care.

Your initial consultation is also a great time to learn foot and ankle care strategies. The team can teach you or your caregivers about toenail trimming, diabetic foot care, and the use of orthotics to support your mobility.

Call the Louisville Foot and Ankle office near you to schedule a geriatric foot care appointment or book a consultation online.